“Enter Then Pause”

Michael GoldfriedThe Search for Love, Enlightenment, and the Ultimate Orgasm

Josie’s Cabaret
May 23 – June 7, 1998

The Marsh Theatre
June 10-27, 1998

Starring Michael Goldfried
Written and performed by Michael Goldfried
Directed by Jeffrey Friedman
Produced by ‘Make It So’ Productions

Enter Then Pause

Michael Goldfried (writer/actor)
Michael is a graduate of Vassar college where he directed numerous plays and performed roles in “Uncle Vanya”, the emcee in “Cabaret”, and Berger in “Hair”. His credits include Demetrius in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, off-Broadway with The Ridiculous Theatrical Company of New York, “Scenes From My Love Life” (Theatre Rhino), the commedia dell’arte farce “Isabella’s Fortune”, and the improvisational soap opera comedy “Liquid Soap” (Cable Car Theatre). Michael currently resides in New York City.

“Enter The Pause” is Michael’s autobiographical pondering of his imminent return to his native New York. He shape-shifts through a number of wild characters from an instant sell-out on the Manhattan party circuit, recalling his tutelage from a master Yoda in the Art of Hot Sex, prophesizing his California future as a blithering New Age moron, to an old lady he meets on the plane. The show is a manic and nimble flit through time, place and character in the search for self-discovery.

Jeffrey Friedman (director)
Jeffrey’s most recent film is “The Celluloid Closet”. In collaboration with filmmaking partner Rob Epstein, Friedman produced, directed, wrote and co-edited this non-fiction feature tracing a century of gay and lesbian images in Hollywood movies. The film has received numerous awards including a Peabody, Columbia DuPont, and an Emmy for directing. Friedman also owns an Oscar for his documentary “Common Threads: ‘Stories from the Quilt’”. He is a partner of Telling Pictures, a San Francisco film and TV production company.


“If Lily Tomlin and Charles Ludlam had a lovechild, he might have grown up to be Michael Goldfried.”
–Bay Area Reporter