Howard and Phil Show

The Howard & Phil Show

‘Gays in Vietnam’

Starring Phil Walker and Howard Miller
Segment Producer – Steve Murray
Guests: Randy Bailey and Albert Patterson
Written and Produced by Steve Murray
Directed by Geo Gaile

Cable television series
Citivision, Channel 53
San Francisco

Howard and Phil Show
Gays in Vietnam

“The Howard and Phil Show” was a short-lived attempt at a gay content cable television show in San Francisco. Two one-half hour segments were produced, the first being “Gays in Vietnam”. The segment opened with a scene from John Fisher’s “Combat”, a play chronicling gays in the military, then segued into two separate interviews with Albert Patterson and Randy Bailey, who recounted their experiences serving in Vietnam.

This was my first attempt at television production and introduced me to the importance of documenting our gay experiences and history and I’m quite proud of the result. The show was aired on San Francisco’s Citivision, Channel 53, a public access station.