Hush Up Sweet Charlotte

Starring Matthew Martin, Varla Jean Merman and Arturo Galster
Directed by Matthew Martin

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre (6/1/ – 8/1/05)

‘Hush Up Sweet Charlotte’ was a labor of love from the pre-planning stages with director Matthew Martin, to the casting process, through rehearsals and opening night. It was definitely the largest, most expensive venture I’d undertaken, but I only knew one way to to do it- the best way. The two set was the largest ever created in the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre and cost $10,000 to build and dress.  Matthew, the definite Bette Davis interpreter put together a remarkable cast including Varla Jean Merman, Michael Sousa, Arturo Galster and Sandy Schlecter to bring to life the the gothic melodrama as a clever parody. Everything came together on this production- excellent lighting, staging, score and acting. The result was stunning, playing to standing ovations nightly.  ‘Hush Up’ is being made into a movie in 2014 starring Mathhew Martin, Varla Jean Merman and Mink Stole.