Viva Variety 16

Steve MurrayTuesday, May 8th, 2001, 8PM
Theatre Rhino

Beneficiary: GLBT Historical Society
Host: Steve Murray

Top row: Barbara Jo Peterson, Christy Cote, Liebe Wetzel & Lunatique Fantastique, Connie Champagne & Matthew Martin, Jason Serinus, Snatch
Next row: Centrifugal Force, Holcombe Waller, Bridget Schwartz, Peggy L’Eggs

Musical Prelude and Interlude by Geno Valle

I’d like to give my personal thanks to:

Steve Heithecker – sound/web design
Eddie Bell – sound/lights
Michael B. Chu – sound /lights
Brian Petraska – videography
Sue Irwin – box office
Jackie Witchek – box office
Rusty Wilson – stage manager
Paolo Miranda – haute couture