Viva Variety 19

Steve MurrayTuesday, September 25th, 2001, 8PM
Theatre Rhino

Beneficiary: BAY Positives
Host: Steve Murray

Top row: Peggy L’Eggs, Dudley Brooks & Carolyn Carvajal, Kate Klaire, Lisa Geduldig, Sirena, Claire Lewis
Next row: Kristi Rush, I Love Lezzie, Velocity Circus’ Suhaila Dancers, Mira

Musical Prelude and Interlude by Geno Valle

I’d like to give my personal thanks to:

Corbas Video – videography
Enrico Rinaldi – lights
John Karr – sound
Paolo Miranda- haute couture
Deb Donato – box office
Kevin O’Callaghan – stage manager
Steve Heithecker – graphics
Douglas Hudson at BAY Positives