Viva Variety 24

Tuesday, April 16th, 2002, 8PM
Bayfront Theatre, Fort Mason Center

Beneficiary: Asian Pacific Wellness Center
Host: Steve Murray

Top row: Garrin Benfield, Killing My Lobster, Karen Ripley, Peggy L’Eggs, Scott Capurro
Next row: Velocity Circus’ ‘Nebular’, Steamroller, The Tami Show, Varla Jean Merman

Musical Prelude and Interlude by Geno Valle

I’d like to give my personal thanks to:

Michael Chu – Sound
Ed Bell – Lights
Russell Wilson – Stage Manager
Kevin O’Callaghan – Stage Manager
Steve Heithecker – all-around genius
Corbas Video – Videography par excellance
Geno Valle – Musical interludes
Shannon Gallagher – House Manager
The folks at A&PI Wellness Center