Viva Variety 50

Steve MurrayTuesday, November 22nd, 2005, 8PM
ODC Theater

Host: Steve Murray

Top row: Fauxnique (Monique Jenkinson), Jesse Garcia, Katherine Chase, Matthew Martin, Miss Peggy Judy (Molly Brandenburg),Peggy L’Eggs (Matthew Simmons)
Next row: Robb Zeiser, Velocity Circus’ ‘Dr. Elmo’, Varla Jean Merman, Will Franken

Musical Prelude and Interlude by Geno Valle

I’d like to give my personal thanks to:
Video Montage courtesy of Corbas Video
Cake provided by Out of Thyme Catering
Viva Variety Posters created by Steve Heithecker
Corbas Video – Videography
Steve Heithecker – Sound/Graphics/Web Wizard
Larry Horowitz – Stage Manager
Alex – Lights / Sound
The staff at the ODC Theatre